Assessment and short-term treatment for adults over 19 years with serious mental disorders.

3935 Kincaid Street
B.C.V5G 2X6
Phone: 604-453-1900
Fax: 604-453-1929

Address Notes

The Burnaby Central Mental Health Team is located at Burnaby Hospital.

Parking and Transportation

Pay parking available. Public transportation nearby.

Hours of operation

Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Adults 19–64 years of age who are experiencing mental health and substance use concerns and would benefit from short-term interventions or supports.

This may include psychiatric and diagnostic assessment, pharmacological treatment and therapeutic support.  


Participation in ASTAT mental health services is voluntary.

You can self-refer into the program or referrals can be made on your behalf by your family doctor, a family member, friend or others supporting you.

In consultation with you, referrals can also be made on your behalf by hospital health care providers or other agencies supporting you.   

Mental health and substance use centre teams work closely with you and other community partners or agencies to provide you with services in a timely manner that best suit your needs. If the mental health and substance use centre in your community is not able to provide the type of service you require, efforts will be made to help you find and connect to other appropriate services/resources.


If you are a member of B.C. Medical Services Plan, your mental health and substance use services cost will be covered through this service plan.      

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