Provides individual and group inpatient and day program rehabilitation to adults with new physical and/or mental impairments resulting from stroke, brain injury, amputation and other injuries.

Multidisciplinary team, including a physiatrist (physical medicine and rehabilitation physician), hospitalist, registered nurse, social worker, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech-language pathologist, dietician and pharmacist, teach patients and their caregivers ways to maximize independence in order to successfully return home or to community living.

Participants must be self-motivated, contribute to goal-setting and rehabilitation plans, and be willing to participate in up to five hours of intensive rehabilitation therapy daily. An occupational therapist may visit the home to make recommendations for changes to the home environment for safety, functionality and accessibility and may assist with accessing and adapting to specialized equipment and adaptations to the home.

Please inquire as to how family or friends can assist or attend treatment. Program involvement may last from three to eight weeks.



Age 19 and over.


A physician referral is required.

Location(s) offering this service

Laurel Place
9688 137A Street