Provides confidential mental health crisis intervention services for children and teens.

The Short Term, Assessment, Response, Treatment (START) Team provides confidential mental health crisis intervention services for children and teens. Formerly known as the Child and Youth Crisis Program.

We provide the following services:

  • Mental health assessment
  • Safety planning
  • Resource and referral coordination
  • Brief crisis stabilization treatment (individual and/or group) if needed
  • Family support
  • Psychiatric assessment by a psychiatrist if needed
  • Professional consultation

What is the definition of "crisis"? 

Because there can be so many permutations, there is no one, unique definition for a crisis.

For us, a youth in crisis is often determined after a physician has done an assessment. It can relate to a youth's mental, emotional or physical state. A START clinician or a substance use clinician doing an assessment of someone in an office or in the community can also determine whether a person is in crisis.

A decision is then made if immediate intervention is required, and what other services could be provided longer term. If the intervention required is urgent, this can include using the Mental Health Act if the person meets the criteria for committal.

However, even when a situation for an individual is not a crisis, we may still endeavour to provide them with services on an urgent basis.



Children and teens aged 6 to 18 years who are experiencing the rapid onset (in the past 2-4 weeks) of extreme mental health symptoms resulting in the child/teen being unable to participate in their typical daily activities or relationships.

Mental health crisis may include: self-harming, suicidal thoughts or attempts, intense anxiety or depression, distorted thinking, or high risk of significantly harming others. Child or teen must live in the Fraser region.


Youth, families, schools and medical professionals can directly access our services by contacting the START Team at 1-844-START11 (1-844-782-7811).