Longer-term treatment and support for adults over 19 years with major mental illness.

Adult community support services (ACSS) is a community based mental health and substance use service designed to provide services and support to adults over 19 with persistent mental illness and substance use issues. Some of these diagnoses may include schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

ACSS team members work together with the person experiencing mental illness and substance use concerns to achieve mental wellness and recovery goals. Some of these services include:  

  • Assessments
  • Medication reviews and monitoring
  • Crisis interventions: helping the person to move through crisis situations
  • Consultation and navigating the systems
  • Counselling
  • Provide education around mental illness and treatment options
  • Provide education around skills development and ways to cope
    Provide assistance and support around the person’s wellness and recovery goals
  • Provide education and support to families
  • Advocate for individuals and link to services/resources

What role does my family doctor play in my care when I am receiving services from the ACSS team?

The person’s family doctor or nurse practitioner remains as their primary care provider and as such will be kept informed of and contribute to their treatment and recovery plans.

Once the person, their family and the ACSS team determine that the person is well enough and no longer require ACSS services, their mental health care will be transitioned back to their family doctor or nurse practitioner.



The ACSS team provides services and support to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness and substance use concerns who encounter negative consequences of the illness.

Some of these challenges may include multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, or multiple visits to hospital emergency department for mental health issues, difficulty managing day-to-day activities, risk of hurting self or others, and chronic homelessness or unstable housing.


A person can self-refer to their local mental health centre or they can be referred through a hospital or by their family doctor. The mental health centre team will determine if the person’s needs are best met through the ACSS team. If appropriate for the ACSS team, the person will be linked to a case manager and a psychiatrist and the person is informed of this wellness plan.