Provides access to professional counselling for adults who were sexually abused as children while living in a provincially-funded residence such as foster homes, group homes or provincial treatment facilities (Indian Residential Schools excluded).

After intake, a coordinator helps connect clients with Fraser Health endorsed counsellors and arranges funding directly with the counsellor.



The applicant must currently live in BC and is over 19 years old; the applicant was under the age of 19 when the sexual abuse took place; at the time of the abuse, the applicant was living in a home or residential facility funded by the Province of B.C.

Applicants are not required to prove they were sexually abused, file police reports or name their abuser. However, if there are other children who may currently be at risk in the same home or facility, the appropriate government ministry may contact the applicant.

This program is intended for residents of the Fraser Health Authority area. If living in an area outside of the Fraser Health region, please contact the local health authority for information this program.