Learn more about our corporate and secondary colour palettes.

The Fraser Health colours — orange and blue — are used to support our corporate values and our vision for health care delivery.

The deep blue is a cool colour often used in corporate identities to convey trust, strength, loyalty and reliability. The deep, vibrant orange is a warm colour that symbolizes energy, humanity, bold ideas and progress.

These colours are used in the official corporate brand elements such as the logo and signature, but are not intended to limit the choice of colours used in communications or design in general.

Colour specifications are given for full colour printing (CMYK values), for spot colour printing (PANTONE® Colour Matching System numbers), for on-screen applications (RGB colours), and for web applications (Hexadecimal colours). When matching an unspecified medium (such as paint or vinyl film), refer to the PANTONE® Colour Matching System number and choose the closest visual match possible. For accurate colour standards, refer to the current edition of the PANTONE® Colour Formula Guide. PANTONE® is a registered trademark of Pantone, Inc.

Primary palette

Fraser Health primary blue 

Pantone: 301 Coated/Uncoated       

CMYK C: 100 M: 46 Y: 5 K: 18

RGB R: 0 G: 82 B: 147 

HEX: #005293

 Fraser Health primary orange

Pantone 166 Coated/Uncoated 

CMYK C: 0 M: 74 Y: 100 K: 0 

RGB R: 224 G: 82 B: 6 

HEX: #E05206

Secondary palette

The secondary colour palette is designed to complement the official corporate colours, providing flexibility and range in design. The secondary colours can be used together, in various combinations, individually or as accents to the corporate colours.

As with the official corporate colours, the secondary colours support a brand personality that reflects a warm, safe, person-centred organization.

Fraser Health secondary teal 

Pantone 7474 Coated/Uncoated 

CMYK C: 96 M: 9 Y: 32 K: 29 

RGB R: 0 G: 118 B: 129 

HEX: #007681


Fraser Health secondary grey

Pantone 444 Coated/Uncoated 

CMYK C: 45 M: 16 Y: 25 K: 50 

RGB R: 113 G: 125 B: 125 

HEX: #717C7D

 Fraser Health secondary green

Pantone 7747 Coated/Uncoated 

CMYK C: 19 M: 0 Y: 86 K: 48 

RGB R: 136 G: 141 B: 48 

HEX: #888D30

 Fraser Health secondary yellow

Pantone 7409 Coated/Uncoated 

CMYK C: 0 M: 31 Y: 100 K: 0 

RGB R: 240 G: 179 B: 35 

HEX: #F0B323

 Fraser Health secondary black

Pantone BLACK 6 Coated/Uncoated 

CMYK C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 100 

RGB R: 44 G: 42 B: 41 

HEX: #2C2A29

 Fraser Health secondary blue

Pantone 2925 Coated/Uncoated 

CMYK C: 85 M: 21 Y: 0 K: 0 

RGB R: 0 G: 156 B: 222

HEX: #009CDE

Emergency sign red

Fraser Health emergency red 

Pantone 485 Coated/Uncoated        

CMYK C: 0 M: 95 Y: 100 K: 0 

RGB R: 218 G: 41 B: 28 

HEX: #DA291C