Our logo is the main element in our corporate identity and brand.

The Fraser Health logo is the main element in the Fraser Health identity and is used to represent Fraser Health in all communications. The Fraser Health logo is a registered trademark and may be used only with permission.

Download our logo

Looking to download the Fraser Health logo? Artwork files can be downloaded from here.

Elements of the logo

An open heart – open to partnership, community, ideas and ongoing improvement in an environment of respect, caring and trust.

An ellipse (otherwise known as the ‘swoosh’) – embracing integration of services and facilities, and a culture of caring characterized by accountability, innovation and pride.

Three colour versions

Full colour version  Black and white version Reverse version 
 Coloured Fraser Health Logo  Black Fraser Health Logo  White Fraser Health Logo

There are three versions of our visual identity:

  • A full colour version for use in all colour reproduction
  • A black and white version
  • A reverse version where the visual identity appears white on a dark background

The visual identity should not be reproduced in any other colours.

File types

When scaling the logo over 10 per cent of its original size, use an .eps (vector) file. Vector files will scale without distortion to the type of visual elements.

For PowerPoint and web, use a .png or .jpg file. Logos saved in .png format may have transparent backgrounds.

A .wmf format can be provided for Word documents; email feedback@fraserhealth.ca for specific logo requests.

Logo size

Minimum size

Under good reproduction conditions, the minimum size for colour and black and white logos is 0.375 inches as shown below.

Where reproduction quality is questionable, the minimum size should be increased. The minimum size of the visual identity also dictates the minimum size for the signatures as shown.

Where the slogan – better health, best in health care – becomes illegible due to size, it should be removed or the total logo size increased.

Fraser Health minimum logo size

Maximum size

There is no required maximum size for use of the logo. However, our logo is to be used only as a signature and not as a graphical element or illustration. Use discretion when deciding its size in relation to the artwork.

The logo may not be used as a watermark.

Logo buffer zone

The buffer zone refers to the area directly surrounding the logo. No other text or graphic elements should appear in the area immediately surrounding the logo. This buffer zone preserves the desired visual impact of the logo.

Brand logo buffer zone

Examples of what to do and what not to do

Do this 

Not this

Here's why

Brand logo good example 1

Brand logo bad example 1


Do not rearrange any part of the logo and type.

Brand logo good example 2

Brand logo bad example 2

The signature should not be reproduced in colours other than black and white, reverse, and full colour.

Brand logo good example 3

Brand logo bad example 3

The logo and type should not be distorted in any manner.

Brand logo good example 4

Brand logo bad example 4

The logo typeface should not be substituted with any other typeface.

The logo is professionally typeset and should be used as a single graphic file.