Our visual, graphic and multi-media elements tell a story about our brand.

The visual, graphic and other multi-media elements an organization chooses to use in its branded materials tells a story about the culture and personality of that place. This includes music, videos, photographs, illustrations, etc.

Fraser Health is an organization comprised of real people caring for real people. Images that evoke feelings of warmth, caring and safety are well suited to our brand personality. We prefer pictures of real people – those who work at Fraser Health and the people we serve, including wide-ranging ethnically and generally diverse images of people.

Wherever possible choose images that have warm lighting and saturated colours; feature people and settings that represent the diversity of the organization and the people we serve; and evoke feelings of warmth and care.

Please do not use clip art. Ensure you are fully licensed for every multi-media element you use in every project. Written permission is also required from those featured in photography for use by Fraser Health.

Contact feedback@fraserhealth.ca for more information.


  • Select images that reflect the diversity of our patients, clients and residents.
  • Go for images that promote an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Avoid acute, clinical and hospital-like settings.
  • Avoid stark backgrounds and staged poses.
Brand standards community example


  • Go for images that reflect the diversity of the Fraser Health region.
  • Choose photos that reflect the diversity in age, gender, culture, etc.
  • Avoid using crowded and stereotypical stock imagery of diversity.
  • Avoid stark backgrounds and staged poses.
Brand standard diversity example

Health care professionals

  • Select images that reflect our professional image policy and the diversity of our employees.
  • Avoid images of health professionals wearing jewellery, a stethoscope around the neck, hoodies, nail polish or long nails.
Brand standard health care example