Learn about our process and guidelines when developing new signage.

Requests for signs are made through Facilities Management. You can learn more about signs and the process for ordering signs by searching signage on the intranet.

Hospital signs

On exterior signs, the hospital name should have visual prominence with the logo and Fraser Health signature (name) used as secondary identities to show that the hospital is part of the Fraser Health system.

To increase visibility of facility names, avoid periods within acronyms. Capitalize only the first letters in a facility or department name. Do not use all capital letters, except for EMERGENCY.

Hospital signs

Emergency department signs

Wayfinding signs for Emergency should be in the corporate blue. The actual EMERGENCY sign should be in red when used on the building exterior or exterior signage.

Emergency sign brand

Community services signs

Fraser Health community sites include public health units, health protection offices, mental health and substance use offices and home and community care offices. Some of these offices have multiple Fraser Health tenants, so the Fraser Health logo with slogan should have visual prominence.

Individual departments, such as Home and Community Care, and Mental Health and Substance Use, can be listed on the exterior signs or not depending on the site’s needs.

Community sites sometimes name their services differently, but for consistency, all offices that want to list Public Health services should call them simply Public Health. If there is room on the sign, and if it’s applicable, community sites can also add in smaller letters Prevention and/or Health Protection. To maximize the sign’s visibility, omit words like unit, service and office when listing the services offered at a location.

Community signs

Long term Care facility signs

Long term care homes that are owned and operated by Fraser Health should display the words Long Term Care prominently next to the Fraser Health logo. The signature (name) should be less prominently displayed in the top white section of the sign. The blue section should state the facility name.

Long Term Care sign

Corporate Signs

Some Fraser Health facilities have a corporate function and serve the entire health authority. The names of these facilities should have visual prominence, with the logo and signature name used as secondary identities to show that the facility is part of the Fraser Health system.

Corporate sign

Interior sign guidelines

Do not use abbreviations, uncommon acronyms, all capital letters or jargon on signs. For example:

  • Use Cardiac Catheterization Lab, not Cath Lab
  • Use Executive Director, not ED
  • Use Admitting, not ADMITTING

Signs for contracted services within a facility, such as a cafeteria or coffee shop, can be identified on hospital signs using the contractor’s generic, non-branded, name. Brand-name signs are permitted at the location of the service, but not throughout the facility.