headshot of Cheryl Beach

Cheryl provides executive director leadership and strategic oversight for Integrated Home Health/Support, Specialized Community and Complex Medical Services.

Career snapshot

Cheryl came to Fraser Health from Island Health in 2016 and has worked as a clinical director for Assisted Living, Abbotsford/Mission Residential Care, Operations for Medicine, Surgery and Home Health in Chilliwack. She recently was the executive director for the Home Support Transition project, and she also took the lead on COVID-19 planning for Home Health/Support. She has worked nationally and internationally within health care for the past 25 years in various positions. Cheryl has worked clinically as a physiotherapist in hospital, rehabilitation and community-based settings in Canada and Australia. She has also worked in academic settings in Hong Kong.

Cheryl is an experienced and forward-thinking health care leader who brings a wealth of experience in various services. She is data-driven and results oriented, excels at building high functioning teams, and believes in the power of compassion. Cheryl has a proven track record of building partnerships and implementing strategic initiatives by uniting diverse professionals into high functioning teams that make a difference to patients, clients, and the residents we serve.

Formal education

Cheryl holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom and a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Therapy from the University of Kingston in Ontario. She completed her Master's project in community-based rehabilitation in Nepal.

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