Find out how to apply to research grants.

How do I apply for a research grant?

Once you have identified a research funding opportunity, follow these steps in the application process:

  • Review application guidelines and materials provided by the funder. Make sure that you are eligible to apply for the grant and that the project is a good fit for the funder. 

  • Contact our research development specialist to inform us of your intent in submitting the application. This step ensures that the study team is aware of our administrative requirements for grant applications. Note: We require all research grant applications to receive proper review and executive approval.

  • Submit your letter of intent (if applicable) and other pre-application registration information as required by the funder.

  • Compile the applicant team.

  • Develop study methodology, budget, knowledge dissemination plan, and other required research information.

  • Fill out required application forms and submit resumés/curriculum vitae.

  • Obtain letters of support or collaboration.

  • Submit all application materials to our research development specialist for review and executive approval.

How do I get my application approved by Fraser Health?

For many competitions, application submission and final host institution approval is completed through electronic portals (e.g., MSFHR - ApplyNet, CIHR - ResearchNet).  Your application will need to be complete and submitted in the portal one to two days prior to the agency competition deadline in order for the research development specialist to vet and approve on behalf of Fraser Health.

Note: Internal VP approval will need to be acquired prior to this final submission in the portal.

All external research grant applications are required to be reviewed and approved by our executive team prior to submission to the funder. 

Submit all application materials to our research development specialist. The following application items will be reviewed:

  • Compliance with Fraser Health policies and procedures.
  • Director-level approval of application.
  • Accurate provision of Fraser Health information.
  • Relevance to submission criteria as outlined by the funding agency.

Once reviewed, the application will be forwarded with a briefing memo to our vice president medicine or designate for signature.

For applications on which the research development specialist has consulted, the vice president’s signature will be obtained within three business days of receipt.

Applications that have not been previously seen by our research development specialist will be processed and the signature obtained within one week. 

Important: The budget cannot be changed on the application once the Fraser Health signature has been obtained. Should a change be necessary, a new Fraser Health signature must be obtained.

Please use the internal Fraser Health Funding Application Signature Form and the checklist to ensure your application is complete for approval.

  • Project proposal
    This can be in draft form. The applicant can continue working on it while the signature is being obtained.
  • Application forms
    This is filled out as required by funding agency, including all signatures with the exception of Fraser Health’s institutional signature.
  • Final budget
    Budget cannot change once the signature is in process.
  • Fraser Health Funding Application Signature Form
    Signed by applicant’s director or executive director; not required if funder application form asks for the same signature.
  • Letter of support from director or executive director
    Only required if there are Fraser Health resources listed in the budget, either cash or in-kind contribution, including staff time. The letter should specifically refer to the Fraser Health budget items.

Where can I find more information and resources?

Visit our resources section for tools to guide you in your research.