Learn about our clinical trials research groups and how to get involved.

What clinical trials research groups can I get involved with?

Clinical trial sites have been conducting research at acute care sites within Fraser Health for over 20 years. We have the following clinical trials research groups: 

  • Anesthesiology

    The Department of Anesthesiology, located at Royal Columbian Hospital, has an active research department with multiple studies currently underway. Current and past projects include:

    • Participation as a site in several Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)-funded clinical trials, including anesthesia and hip fracture surgery recovery, and perioperative use of benzodiazepines and rates of delirium (B-Free)
    • Multiple retrospective database analyses on such topics as intraoperative hypotension and hospital length of stay, and lung protective ventilation and pulmonary complications
    • Tracking COVID-19 intubations through local and international registries
    • Qualitative research around labour pain relief and quality improvement of the maternity tours and anesthesia pain relief information sessions
    • Cardiac anesthesia studies on blood product usage (TACS and FIBRES)

    For more information, contact clinical research coordinator, Michelle Mozel at michelle.mozel@fraserhealth.ca or 604-724-2697.

  • Cardiology research

    Surrey Memorial Hospital Cardiology Clinical Trials conducts both inpatient and outpatient clinical trials in the areas of:

    • Acute coronary syndromes (hospitalization with heart attack/angina)
    • Congestive heart failure (acute in hospital as well as outpatient studies)
    • Lipid lowering treatments (patients with high cholesterol)
    • Cardiovascular disease and diabetes combined

    Most of these studies are for new drug treatments aimed at preventing heart attacks and strokes. We are also participating in a registry and quality of life initiative for acute coronary syndrome.

    The research group consists of 13 cardiologists, four coordinators and an administrative assistant. On average there are 15 studies ongoing at various stages at any given time. 

    For more information, email Tracy Cleveland and Sandi Waldock

  • Critical care

    Critical care research is conducted at Royal Columbian Hospital under the direction of Dr. Steven Reynolds, head and research director, Department of Critical Care. The research program’s primary focus is to conduct publicly funded trials, largely in collaboration with the highly successful Canadian Critical Care Trials Group, in addition to industry-funded studies and investigator driven studies. Our staff has a wide range of experience working with various pharmaceutical corporations and contract research organizations.

    Our Critical Care team at Royal Columbian Hospital provides care to patients with complex medical conditions requiring advanced respiratory support, hemodynamic monitoring and support, cardiac monitoring and other life supporting treatment. Our multidisciplinary team consisting of intensivists, pharmacists, registered respiratory therapists, and registered nurses with advanced training in critical care, work collaboratively to provide exceptional care. Our physicians are in charge of a total of 30 critical care beds which provide care for over 2,000 patients a year.

    For more information, contact the critical care clinical research coordinator at 604-520-4695.

  • Multiple sclerosis clinical research studies

    The Fraser Health Multiple Sclerosis clinic opened in November 2004 to provide a comprehensive, community-based clinic to the region. Prior to that time, we were the only region in British Columbia without an MS clinic for its 3,000 patients.

    The clinic has a comprehensive, multidisciplinary team (neurologists, neuro-ophthamologists, a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, an internal medicine physician, MS certified nurses). The clinic was accredited in May 2005 as a full member of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centres, a North American multi-disciplinary organization providing networking for all health care professionals specializing in the care of multiple sclerosis patients, after demonstrating excellence in the clinical care, education, and research related to MS, specifically related to the investigation of problems posed by multiple sclerosis.

    The clinic is also home to a clinical trials department for multiple sclerosis under the direction of principal investigator, Dr. Galina Vorobeychik. With 40 trials in the past 10 years, we aim to provide patients with research opportunities and early access to potential new treatments and therapies for: relapsing remitting, secondary progressive and primary progressive sub-types of MS.

    For more information, email Tanya Kadach or call 604-412-6405, extension 4. 

  • Oncology

    The Burnaby Hospital Regional Cancer Centre has been conducting medical research since 2002 under the direction of oncologist and hematologist Dr. Wendy Lam. The majority of the research conducted are phase two and three drug trials targeted at various cancers, blood disorders and improving supportive care.

    For more information on the types of studies that are ongoing, email Benard Kimwei, clinical research coordinator, B.C. Community Oncology Trialists or call 604-434-4211 ext. 533513. 

  • Orthopaedics

    Orthopaedic research at Royal Columbian Hospital continues at a lively pace. Our research staff and surgeons are actively enrolling in nine prospective randomized studies and carrying out follow-up on seven additional studies that have closed enrolment. These are both trauma and elective studies, covering a wide range of pathologies, conditions and injuries. We recently launched our own multi-center study to look at two surgical approaches to try and help reduce the incidence of anterior knee pain after tibial shaft fractures. The research is funded by working as co-investigators on grant applications with academic investigators with grants from various agencies, including Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Orthopaedic Trauma Association and Patient-Centred Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), or with industry.  

    For further information regarding any of the above, email fors@fraserhealth.ca or call 604-520-4855.

  • Fraser Clinical Trials

    Fraser Clinical Trials is a clinical research centre that is dedicated to improving the health and quality of our patients through new and innovated therapies.

    The Fraser Clinical team works with investigators in multi-therapeutic areas serving New Westminster, Surrey and the Fraser Valley. For almost three decades, we have been helping physicians integrate research with their private practices.

    Fraser Clinical Trials is committed to supporting physicians so they may offer innovated therapies to their patients. Fraser Clinical Trials delivers high quality data, maintains regulatory compliance, and supports all administrative aspects of the trial.