Access and training to Fraser Health computer systems for students.


Many online orientation and education courses are available through LearningHub.

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Electronic documentation systems

There are various electronic health record systems in Fraser Health. Please refer to our Technology System Training Chart to determine what is required for your individual student practice experience.


PARIS is the health care information system used by health care providers in Population and Public HealthHome and Community Care (HCC) and Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU) Community services (not acute/inpatient psychiatry) in Fraser Health.

All students and instructors in these settings will be provided with a view access user account for PARIS automatically once the HSPNet clinical placement is confirmed.

All students and educators must complete the training requirements below:

Placement Type
Target Audience
Required Online Training 
Required Post-Training Assessment
One-to-one placement
Students in one-to-one placements 
FH PARIS – Online Training – Write Access(Clinicians/Practicum Placement Students)
FH PARIS – Skills Assessment 
Instructor-led group
Faculty instructors
FH PARIS – Online Training – Write Access (Student Clinicians)

Group students

If the courses are not completed, write access is not granted, however view access will remain. This means there will be no ability to document the patient care you provide.

Meditech Patient Care System (PCS)

Important note: The following MEDITECH training courses only applies to students and faculty/instructors at Abbotsford Regional Hospital (ARH) and Royal Columbian Hospital (RCH) Mental Health areas. At this time, there are no MEDITECH training modules available to students and faculty/instructors completing their placements at all other Fraser Health sites. 

If you will be or are currently completing a student practice placement at any site outside of ARH and may require MEDITECH access, please connect with your preceptor or destination coordinator for additional guidance and support.

Students and faculty/instructors at Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Royal Columbian Hospital who require MEDITECH write access must complete the appropriate courses a minimum of three weeks prior to their clinical placement for their accounts to be set up.

All Units
 Emergency Department
 Post-Secondary Institutions (PSI)
– Meditech Enterprise 
Medical Record (EMR) (1 hr) Online
 Meditech Patient Care System (PCS1) Training 
(6 hrs) in class

+ (Online) Quiz
Meditech PCS2 – ARH Only – Student/Faculty Training 
(4 hrs) Online 
 Meditech Emergency Department Manager (EDM)
(2 hrs) Online
Acute care support staff
  • Health Care Assistants
  • Dietary Technicians
  • Mental Health Workers
  • Rehabilitation Assistants
  • Communication Health Care Assistants 
Nursing and allied health professionals 
  • RN, RPN, LPN
  • RT, OT, PT, SLP, SW, RD 
Nursing and allied health professionals 
  • RN, RPN, LPN
  • RT, OT, PT, SLP, SW,RD 

Following the training and quiz completion, students must and faculty/instructors must:

  1. Check your Fraser Health email account regularly for MEDITECH ‘Live’ Account information for your clinical setting.
  2. Ensure MEDITECH account information is kept in a safe place for future Fraser Health clinical placements.

PYXIS and Omnicell Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs) Access

Medication access is granted for faculty (clinical instructors) and students of Nursing and Respiratory Therapy programs completing clinical practicums at the following sites that use ADCs within specific units.

Fraser Health site
Abbotsford Regional Hospital &
Mission Memorial Hospital
Surrey Memorial Hospital &
Jim Pattison Out-patient Care and Surgical Centre
Royal Columbian Hospital
Omnicell + AUD strips + medication carts
Chilliwack General & Fraser Canyon Hospitals
Omnicell + AUD strips + medication carts
Ridge Meadows Hospital
Omnicell + AUD strips + medication carts
Planned implementation 2020/2021

Complete and forward the appropriate user access request form to the respective site.



Pyxis Faculty and Student Access Information
Omnicell Faculty and Student Access Information 
Pyxis Clinical Group User Access Request Forms
Omnicell Clinical Group User Access Request Forms
Pyxis Preceptorship User Access Request Forms
Omnicell Preceptorship User Access Request Forms
Pyxis Faculty User Access Request Forms
Omnicell Faculty User Access Request Forms
Pyxis RT Clinical User Request form
Pyxis Pre-requisite learning module prior to start of rotation
BD Customer Portal
Pyxis 4000 learning compass module 
Omnicell Pre-requisite learning module prior to start of rotation
ADC Omnicell – Patient Care in the Profiled Environment
Regional Resources
Pyxis 4000 Quick Reference Guide 
Omnicell Quick Reference Guide
Faculty and Student Access Privileges

New Instructors and Preceptee Students need to attend Fraser Health Basic Training if not completed before, in order to gain access. Schedules can be found on Learning Hub

Note: Seats are limited at all sites due to COVID-19.

Contact the course manager prior to the class if you cannot attend for any reason.

PIXALERE (for Home Health students providing wound care) 

Educational institution instructors/faculty with students placed in Home Health settings where students will be required to document wound care in Pixalere as part of their leaning outcomes are required to attend training provided by a health authority in B.C. and then train their students. Pixalere is a program used across B.C. health authorities to document wounds care. Preceptorship students accepted to Fraser Health from institutions outside of the Lower Mainland have responsibility to ensure the student is prepared for the clinical setting prior to their start date (review HSPnet destination profiles). Group students placed in Fraser Health should receive the training from their instructors.

Pixalere accounts for students should be requested through for the period of their clinical placement.


Thin client smart cards at Abbotsford Regional Hospital

Smart cards are required to access the thin client computers at Abbotsford Regional Hospital. Students and faculty can obtain their cards from the department manager. To receive a smart card students/faculty will need to:

  1. Show their post-secondary education institution student/faculty identification card.
  2. Know their Fraser Health Windows user account (login username).
  3. Must have been granted access to Meditech.
  4. Call Service Desk (604-585-5544) while in front of a thin client computer to activate PIN

A log of the assigned cards (e.g., name and unit name/department) will be kept and sent to managers/practice leader.

After placement, students and faculty must return the card to the unit manager/practice leader.