Learn about the changes to an administrative policy, which may impact practice areas.

What's happening?

The Student Practice team would like to inform all students and faculty instructors about the revisions to an administrative policy, which may impact their practice areas. The revisions are as follows:



Impacted programs/ professions/ networks 

Effect date 

Patient Safety Incident Management – Policy

The aim of patient safety incident management is to improve patient safety and the quality of health service delivery within Fraser Health by identifying, reviewing, and learning from untoward incidents related to the delivery of care or service so that the likelihood of a recurrence of similar events is prevented or significantly reduced.

The purpose of this policy is to establish a timely and consistent process for review of patient safety incidents and to establish accountabilities for managing, reporting, investigating, following up, and learning from patient safety incidents including:

  • Supporting patients, families, and health care providers

  • Reporting of patient safety incidents

  • Conducting investigations and reviews of patient safety incidents

  • Providing recommendations to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence of similar events

  • Monitoring and follow-up

This revised policy offers a distinction between non critical and critical incidents, and their follow-up systems; provides clarification on the lead program and on the investigation and review processes. It also features a new regional recommendation procedure and aims to standardize the process of a commissioned review. Furthermore, a new timeline has been created to clarify when each step of the incident management process should occur.

Fraser Health employees and students must inquire with their practice setting leadership with respect to standards, authority and requirements (e.g., additional training and competencies).


All Programs/ Professions/ Networks


Why is this important?

Fraser Health considers the patient experience in all parts of the health system. This includes the development and revision of policies, Clinical Decision Support Tools, forms, and Pre-Printed Orders. Our goal is to provide quality care that is sensitive and responsive to patient needs, preferences, and beliefs.

How will this impact students and faculty instructors?

Students and faculty instructors who are completing student placements in Fraser Health are expected to apply any necessary changes in their practice to ensure that patients, clients, and residents continue to receive safe and quality care. Students and faculty instructors can access this administrative policy via FH Pulse when they are on Fraser Health sites.


Please contact the Student Practice Team.

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