Fraser Health regional Pre-Printed Order for bowel care has been revised.

What's happening?

The student practice team would like to inform students and faculty instructors in Palliative Care, Pharmacy, and Nursing about revisions to a Pre-Printed Order (PPO), which may impact their practice areas. Effective September 4, 2018, the revisions are as follows:

  • Document
  • Revisions
    • The Fraser Health Symptom Guideline “Bowel Care” (2006) changed Appendix A (page 11) from Hospice Palliative Care Bowel Protocol to Regional Pre-Printed Orders for Bowel Care (Adult Clients) (2018).
    • In the contraindications section, the authors added, “If in doubt, contact the client’s physician or Nurse Practitioner (NP).
    • A new section is added to assess and treat constipation:
      **If no bowel movement after 3 days of Level I or II Prevention, perform abdominal and/or rectal assessment and implement Level III: Constipation Management. After sufficient results, return to previous prevention level but increase dose of sennosides to ensure adequate bowel management. If no BM or in sufficient results at Level III, proceed to Level IV: Constipation Management.
    • At the bottom of the page a new section is added: Date (DD/MM/YYYY) / Time / Prescriber Signature / Printed Name and College ID #
    • A Print Shop # is added: 263449
  • Impacted programs/professions/networks

    Palliative care, pharmacy, nursing, and physicians

Why is this important?

Fraser Health considers the patient experience in all parts of the health system. This includes the development and revision of policies, Clinical Decision Support Tools, forms, and Pre-Printed Orders. Our goal is to provide quality care that is sensitive and responsive to patient needs, preferences, and beliefs.

How will this impact students and faculty instructors?

Students and faculty instructors who are completing student placements in Fraser Health are expected to apply any necessary changes in their practice to ensure that patients, clients, and residents continue to receive safe and quality care. Students and faculty instructors can only access this PPO via FH Pulse when they are on a Fraser Health computer on a Fraser Health site.


Please contact the Student Practice Team at

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