A new PARIS Case Note eLearning Module has become available as of December 15, 2017.

How does this affect students and faculty instructors?

This eLearning module replaces the 2-hour PARIS Case Note in-class session. Students and faculty instructors in group and non-group Home and Community Care (Home Health) Placements are required to successfully complete this 30-minute online course as part of their PARIS training to receive “write” access.

Where can I access the PARIS case not eLearning module?

The course can be accessed in the LearningHub  or by searching “FH Home Health – Recording a PARIS Case Note (Online)” in the search engine.

Are there other materials required to complete this course?

Yes. Students and faculty instructors will need to log onto our intranet, Fraser Health Pulse, using the FH Anywhere Link to access the PARIS Case Note Quick Reference Guide and Clinical Education Handout to support their learning. These resources will be helpful for completing the module’s final quiz.

Other important information

The FH PARIS for Students eLearning Module is a pre-requisite for this course. All students and faculty instructors must complete this prior to taking the Case Note eLearning Module. Home Health students in 1 to 1 placements are also required to complete the FH PARIS Fundamentals in-class session to document patient care.


Please contact the Student Practice Team.

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