Info on supervised practice experience to fulfill regulatory college requirements.

A supervised practice experience is a learning experience for a Supervised Practice Experience Candidate seeking practice hours for (a) a re-entry program for re-licensure with a regulatory body, or (b) to qualify for certification or registration with a regulatory body.

In general, the leader of a practice setting/profession (e.g., manager, practice leader or director) approves all requests for supervised practice experience. Each request is assessed according to the resources available and merit of the request.

For details, review the Supervised Practice Experience policy.

How do I organize supervised practice experience?

Step 1 - Make a request. Contact the manager, practice lead or director to make a supervised practice request. If you do not know who to contact for a specific setting or profession, email the student practice team at with the subject line: “Supervised Practice Experience.”

Step 2 - Confirm details. Once the request is accepted, the leader will confirm date, time, setting, name of employee supervising the individual during the supervised practice.            

Step 3 - Complete forms prior to placement.

Step 4 - Check immunization status. Individuals are responsible to have their immunizations up-to-date as per BC Centre for Disease Control - Students of Health Care Professions - Section 3: Immunization of Special Populations – Table 3. (Note: tuberculosis screening is not required). Individuals must have proof of immunization status upon request.

Step 5 - Complete orientation. All individuals completing a supervised practice experience must complete the online student practice education core orientation and fulfill any other prerequisites for practice education experience (e.g., infection control, WHMIS, code red, etc.) as well as complete the hand hygiene online module.

What activities can I participate in?

Individuals completing supervised practice hours must practice within the scope of practice allowed by their profession’s regulatory college. Scope of practice is defined by the Health Professions Act of British Columbia. Visit the designated profession's regulatory college's website for details.

Individuals will be required to practice within all Fraser Health policies, clinical practice guidelines, and care standards specific to the specified profession. 

Orientation requirements

Individuals completing supervised practice experiences are expected to complete required orientation.

Questions or concerns?

Contact the student practice team at

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