Info for staff on bringing their kids to their workplaces.

2020 Update: Taking a Break from Take Our Kids to Work Day

Given the situation around COVID-19 FH will not be able to support the initiative in areas providing patient care with essential visitor policies due to health and safety concerns.

For FH employees who are working remotely, grade 9 students may be able to shadow virtual work environments, upon approval of supervisors in advance, and virtual work does not involve direct patient care.

Take Our Kids to Work™ day is a national, single day job shadow experience for grade 9 (or equivalent) students which allow them to attend the place of work of a parent, relative or friend for a learning opportunity. This program is sponsored by most B.C. high schools and typically takes place in the early part of November each year.

How do I organize take our kids to work shadow experience for my grade 9 student?

Step 1 - Make a request. To request the observation experience, Fraser Health employees interested in having a student participate in this initiative must consult with their leader (e.g., manager, practice leader or director) for a given practice setting. The leader of the employee (i.e., parent, relative or friend) who will be supervising the individual will accept or decline permission for the student to participate in the Take Our Kids to Work Program™ in the requested practice area. 

Step 2 - Confirm details. Once accepted, the leader will confirm the details of the Take Our Kids to Work™ shadow (Time, setting and name of employee who will supervise the student) with the individual requesting the experience.

Step 3 - Complete forms. The student seeking this Take Our Kids to Work™ shadow experience must review and/or complete the following forms. These forms must be reviewed and/or completed prior to starting the Take Our Kids to Work Program™ shadow experience and submitted to the leader (or designate):

Step 4 - Check immunization status. Individuals are responsible to have their immunizations up-to-date as per BC Centre for Disease Control’s immunization guidelines 2.0 routine schedules - see schedule 2 (note: tuberculosis screening is not required). Individuals must have proof of immunization status upon request.

Step 5 - Complete hand hygiene module. To support patient and student safety in our practice settings, students must complete the online hand hygiene module. Proof of completion may be requested by the manager, practice leader or director.

Patient permission for observation only

All students participating in this observation experience may not engage in any work-related activities. Students must identify themselves as an observer to employees, patients, clients and residents.

Verbal consent from the patient, client, resident is required prior to the observational experience.

For example: “Hello, my name is _________ and I am shadowing your [Profession type e.g.: Physio, Nurse] for [time frame e.g. the day]. Is it okay for me to observe while they work with you?”

Questions or concerns?

Contact the student practice team at

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