Apps and tools to help you manage your chronic pain.

The Mindfulness app

Get started immediately with the guided, silent and personalized meditations included in the app. Once you feel it’s time for the next step you will find a great variety of meditations from some of the most renowned teachers in the world in the in-built store.

Catch My Pain app

In order to treat pain effectively, experts recommend you keep a diary. Catch My Pain helps you to express your pain, explain it to others and observe the success of your treatment. On top of all this, you can connect with similar people and support the fight against pain.

Pain B.C. toolbox

The Pain B.C. toolbox is a resource to get you started on managing your pain. Pain often gets in the way of our hopes and dreams, but it doesn’t have to. If pain has made you feel broken and lost, we can help you get your life back.