HIV counselling and other support services for people with HIV.

Have you been diagnosed with HIV or know someone who has the virus? Access help and support in your community through counselling and other support services offered by Fraser Health and other organizations.

A diagnosis of HIV can feel devastating. However, you can lead a long and healthy life through treatment, by taking care of your health, and getting the right medical care.

Public health

Fraser Health has a team of highly skilled public health staff including registered nurses, social workers and outreach workers who are specially trained in HIV infections. They will help you through the next steps and tell you about the resources and supports available.

To contact the team, please call our Central Intake Line: 604-587-6788

Positive Health Services

Positive Health Services (PHS) provides specialized outpatient HIV health care to patients. PHS is open to anyone with HIV who lives or works in the region.

Services include specialized HIV care, medication management, nutrition guidance, counselling, testing for other infections and referrals to community resources.

Other resources

Fraser Health Crisis Line
Crisis Line volunteers respond to a variety of issues. They invite callers to talk about their situation and discuss strategies that may help you manage more effectively. The service is also available to friends, family members and professionals looking for assistance in helping someone who is emotionally distraught. Call the Fraser Health Crisis Line at 1-877-820-7444.

CATIE is Canada’s source for up-to-date, unbiased information about HIV, also provides resources. These links are especially useful for people who have just been diagnosed with HIV:

AIDS Vancouver
AIDS Vancouver provides support to those affected by HIV/AIDS, including a case management program that provides information, support and care coordination for you and your family. While the immediate focus is on food, shelter, income and emotional support, they may also work with you in other areas over the long-term.

Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association - Positive Health Program
Supporting Indigenous people living with HIV. The Positive Health program is a goal-driven program rooted in a holistic model of care. Outreach Workers assist with stabilization first, and then focus on action plans that relates to the client's social and medical health. Services are available within the Fraser Region, from Burnaby to Boston bar. Please contact 604-595-1170 or email for more details. 

Health Initiative for Men (HIM)
HIM offers a mix of online, and in person health related programming designed for gay, bi, queer, trans, and two-spirit men (GBT2Q).  HIM works in partnership with Fraser Health to host sexual health clinics offering a full range of services including treatment, vaccination, and prevention options. HIM also offers programming designed to engage the community such as: Groups, workshops, volunteer opportunities, counselling, healthcare navigation, harm reduction training and supplies, sex worker supports, and community outreach.

Lookout Housing & Health Society
Lookout provides support to individuals living with HIV or HEP C to improve their quality of life. Health outcomes are greatly improved when healthy living and good diets are combined with medications. Better outcomes also reduce reliance on the health care system. Lookout provides a series of workshops and ongoing support through Positive Haven Resource Centre, its peer programs, the Djaef Mahler Food Bank, HIV Outreach Team and Julian House. These programs are based in Surrey. 

Contact Positive Haven
Address: 10697 135A Street, Surrey, B.C. V3T 4E3
Phone: 604-588-9004
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed on weekends and statutory holidays.

Phoenix Society
HIV support and outreach workers available Monday through Friday for support, transport, education and referrals.
Medical Outreach Worker – Available to those with or at risk of HIV and Viral Hepatitis providing medical navigation services.
Phone: 604-854-1101

SARA for Women HIV Support Services
We offer direct supports through extensive case management to women and families who are struggling to adhere to their HIV care. The caseworker provides crisis intervention, and accompaniment to access services. We also provide food hampers and seasonal hampers to reduce barriers for women who are struggling with poverty. We deliver one to one education on HIV and laws on disclosure. Our ultimate goal is to equip the women with tools to self-manage their HIV care and to connect them supportive networks, so they know longer need our services. 

Mobile HIV Outreach
Phone: 604-226-6596 

Youth living with HIV from throughout B.C. can access programs and opportunities at YouthCO, including a scholarship program, leadership opportunities with YouthCO, and Camp Moomba participation. 

Oak Tree Clinic - HIV care for women and families
Oak Tree Clinic provides specialized clinical care in a safe environment for women and children living with HIV/AIDS. This includes care from birth, throughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood, including reproductive health, pregnancy, menopause and beyond.