by David Procter
Executive Director, Financial Planning and Business Support, Central City

“What really motivates me and my team is making sure that the people delivering services and taking care of patients have what they need.”

"I’m the executive director for Financial Planning and Business Support. A typical day includes focussing on where we are getting funds from to resource all the various activities which Fraser Health undertakes and delivers. From there, we develop plans and a budget to spend that money. A large function of my team is to provide business support to our budget-owning colleagues and partners and help them understand the financial implications of their business and various decisions. I call us the ‘client-facing folks of finance.’ That took on a whole new meaning with COVID-19.

Up to twelve of us on any day were redeployed directly to our hospital sites to set up and manage pandemic supply rooms, track inventory and work to ensure a sustainable supply of PPE was available for the people and places who need it most. A huge amount of collaboration took place for this to run smoothly. We worked with System Optimization who led the supply chain EOC, site-based EOCs, the Executive EOC and PHSA supply chain to ensure adequate supplies were getting to where they needed to be. We played a significant hands-on role in supporting the supply chain EOC and this effort. It was set up quickly and nimbly and we continue to streamline and monitor progress. I can say with great pride, my team really embraced this work and like so many at Fraser Health, totally rose to the challenge.

Finance is usually behind the scenes so being immersed at the sites helped us feel more connection to those providing service. The team appreciates the sites a little more, they’ve developed relationships. This fits my credo about what our service should look like. What really motivates me and my team is making sure that the people delivering the service and taking care of patients have what they need. For many reasons and various stakeholders, it was also really important to track, analyze and report on lost revenue, expenditures and savings related to COVID activities. I led a working group of my counterparts at the other health authorities so we could share ideas and report consistently. COVID-19 brought so many opportunities for partnership and for people to collaborate on how to simply do the right thing. That element of human nature is wonderful, of wanting to help and acting to make sure things go well."