MyFHAppointment is a mobile phone app for Fraser Health outpatients to register, view and manage their outpatient appointments.

When an outpatient appointment is scheduled, a hospital code and PIN code will be sent via text message along with directions of how to download and register for the app.

Download the app

Important instructions prior to download:

  1. You must have the hospital code and PIN code that was texted to you to complete registration and login.
  2. When prompted to allow the app to access your location, please select “Allow while using”.
  • Video tutorials

    Downloading and registering MyFHAppointment (for iOS)

    Downloading and registering MyFHAppointment (for Android)

    Confirming your appointment

    Preparing for and checking in to your appointment


  • COVID-19 Information for outpatient appointments
    • Please attend your medical appointment on your own. If you require assistance with mobility or translation, you may bring to bring one (1) escort to accompany you. Please ensure they have no signs or symptoms of illness, nor are in self-isolation or quarantine. All escorts will be screened upon entry into the building. Those escorts who decline to wear a mask, or have signs of symptoms of illness or are in self-isolation or quarantine in accordance in public health directives, will not be permitted entry into the building.
    • When you enter the facility, you will be instructed to perform hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and safe physical distancing.
    • You will be provided with a medical-grade (i.e. surgical/procedure mask) when you enter the facility. Medical-grade masks are required in all Fraser Health facilities and settings where health care is provided.
    • Upon entering the facility, you must go directly to ground floor reception where you will be asked COVID-19 screening questions. You will then be directed to the clinic for your appointment.
    • Please exit the facility immediately following your visit.
  • Commonly asked questions

    Does this app work on devices besides a phone?
    MyFHAppointment has been designed and tested specifically for mobile phone use.

    Do I have to use the MyFHAppointment app?
    No. Using the app is optional. You may opt out the using the app and you may also opt out from receiving text messages to your phone.

    Please contact the clinic if you would prefer to opt out and receive phone calls instead. Read Fraser Health's Digital Privacy Policy for related information.

    How do I register for MyFHAppointment mobile app?
    When an appointment is booked for you, an onboarding text message will be sent to your phone which includes hospital code (FH) and pin code which you will need to register. You can then download the app from the app store and follow the prompts to register.

    How can I view my booked appointments in MyFHAppointment mobile app?
    Once registered, log in to MyFHAppointment by entering your birth date. You will see a list of appointments with details. If you can't see your appointment(s) in MyFHAppointment, contact the clinic to confirm your appointment information.

    Note: You may see some of your appointments in "View Only" status. This means the particular clinic is not currently set up to use MyFHAppointment so you cannot confirm your appointment via the app. The clinic will instead call you to confirm your appointment details.

    How do I edit/update my personal information in MyFHAppointment?
    Currently you are not able to view or update your personal information in MyFHAppointment. Please ask the clerk to update your information when you go for your upcoming appointment.

    How can I change my phone number/email address for appointment reminders?
    Please contact your clinic to update your phone number/email address when you go for your upcoming appointment.

    How can I receive reminders for my child's appointment?
    Children cannot register for the app. Only Fraser Health patients who are 19 years of age and older can sign up for this service.

    I am at the facility, how do I check in for my appointment?

    1. Open MyFHAppointment app
    2. Make sure you are connected to your phone data (don't connect to hospital data)
    3. MyFHAppointment will check you in automatically

    You will receive a notification that you have checked in for your appointment. Please remain in your vehicle, or outside the facility entrance, until you receive a text message to your phone directing you to proceed into the building.

  • App support

    For technical questions, please contact our Patient Support Desk at 1-833-900-9378.

    Support is available Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. (PST), excluding statutory holidays

    Read Fraser Health’s Digital Privacy Policy.